ADR cargo transportation


Transportation of dangerous ADR cargoes, dangerous freights delivery.

Weight from 100 kg. to 20 t.
Volume from 20 cub. to 105 cub.

Tilt trailers, refrigerators and small trucks suit transportation of dangerous ADR freights. Not only exporters of oil and fuel face the issue of dangerous cargo transportation. Also big chemical and industrial companies, small companies and even private persons – all those who need to transport any flammable liquids or substances – ADR - face the same issue. You can find company that possesses required license and special vehicles on our site choosing from the list of logistic companies. We strongly recommend not asking non-professionals or companies that do not have wide client’s database to execute this service. Do not risk losing Your freight while looking for a cheaper price for dangerous freight transportation. Chose executor – logistic company that has experience in this question (dangerous ADR cargo transportation), and in international traffic. Pay attention on client’s recommendations and this company presence in the Internet.


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