Main functions of the transport site

Development perspectives of transport exchange

First of all they are connected with the expansion of transport exchange services on European and Asian countries. In other words, we see the expansion of radius of cargo and vehicle search on Western Europe, China, Japan, USA etc. The more intense will be the development of transport exchange the more we will use its services, the more Ads we will see concerning freight shipping in any direction.

Dashboard/personal account on logistic portal: convenience and advantages

Registered user that has access to personal account on logistic portal has certain advantages comparing to visitor (unregistered user). It does not matter if You look for cargo or vehicle, if You are cargo owner, private carrier, represent logistic company – personal account would become convenient tool for fast use of the site.

Dashboard (personal account, profile) gives following abilities to the user:

Show Your company contacts on personal page: address, phone numbers, contacts in Internet and Skype; post corporate site link, upload photo or logo, post precise info about company’s activity, which is a free Ad.  

Simple dashboard’s interface helps making any changes, manage given info concerning freights and vehicles.
You can edit, refresh info, promote to the top, refresh proposal date, delete or refresh proposal data and contact info in one click.

New user registration is marked by pop-up window and logo, which attracts new site visitors. Quick proposal posting and managing, simultaneous work with few transportation categories from Your personal account will save Your precious time. Become an owner of personal account. Get personal account


Logistics site main sections.

  1. Section "International Freight Traffic".  Freights and transport

    In section “International cargo traffic” we gather freight delivery requests and available transport proposals. Cargo traffic routes cover more than 80 countries of the world. Among them very popular are: Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Germany, Greece, Italy, Check Republic, Bulgaria, Poland, Turkey, Romania etc. Also we work with such countries from other part of the world as: USA, Japan, China, Malaysia, Philippines etc. With the help of transport exchange freight owners can find companies that deliver freight from any part of the world. In the same time carriers and expeditors can systematize their work with any direction, propose their transport for any request to deliver freights or consolidated cargo. Transport exchange-site plays the role of specialized platform, tool for cargo owners, carriers and expeditors.

    It is enough for cargo owners to post info about freight, delivery direction and leave their contacts on the site – logistics company managers will contact You themselves and propose their services. On the other hand logistic companies only have to inform site users about available in a certain country transport so that cargo owner that needs a delivery would have a choice of executors. Wide range of directions, bid number of freights, hundreds of international transportation proposals –al this is shown in proper sections of transport exchange. Saving Your time You will find vehicle and cargo proposals that suits You.

  2. Section - "Domestic freight traffic". Search Cargo and vehicle.
    Domestic freight traffic covers a big part of shipping proposals in Moldova, Russia, Belarus, and Ukraine. The main sense of the exchange is that representatives from any country can work here. If tilt semi-trailer from Moldova delivered freight to Moscow he can do execute shipping inside Russia – his expeditor just has to find freight on our exchange in time and send transport proposal to the driver.

    Domestic transportation is no less in demand than international transportation. If carriers, let’s say, from Moldova have to compete with other countries in order to get access to international market due to its small territory and low developed market, logistics companies from more developed countries (Ukraine, Belarus, Russia etc.) have high percent of transportation and freight shipping orders inside their own countries.

    Transportation exchange without having geo-referencing is devoted to posting Ads about available freights and transport in order to organize domestic shipping inside certain countries. Exchange is available for companies that are specialized on domestic cargo transportation in Russia and Ukraine. However, if any other company has available transport and necessary documentation in the countries listed above, this company can execute domestic transportation.

    Tendency to simplify customs regimes in the former Soviet Union will help to improve the services connected with domestic freight traffic. Presence of international companies leads to healthy competition that has a positive influence on all participants of transportation process. Domestic cargo traffic (inside one economic and trade zone in perspective) are facilitated by absence of customs and transit fees etc. You only need cargo booking and responsible executor; transport exchange is intended for accessible and effective organization of domestic transportation.

  3. Section "Sea forwarding".Cargo and transport proposals.

    In this section we post requests and proposals connected with sea forwardingfrom Black Sea, Mediterranean and Baltic sea ports to CIS countries: Russia, Ukraine, Moldova etc. Sea forwarding geography even goes beyond and covers more remote countries: in this section You can find list of logistic companies that provide shipping from USA, Canada, Brazil, Australia, China, Japan into Europe, Russia and other countries.

    Subsections: Freight/vehicle search; propose freight/vehicle.

    Sea forwarding is not the most mobile transport, but the most affordable and reliable type of international freight transportation. Freight shipping from USA, Canada, Great Britain to Russia, Ukraine, Moldova and other European and CIS countries through the Atlantic Ocean, Mediterranean and Black Sea – the most optimal type of transportation for such big distances.

    On logistics site-exchange You can find executor for sea forwarding from Greece, Turkey, Egypt, Italy, Balkans, Israel, Baltic countries, Germany, Scandinavia, Russian sea ports (Murmansk, Saint-Petersburg, Novorossiysk, Vladivostok).
    These seaports accept freights from all over the world. You can order complex cargo delivery on transport exchange by door-to-door (by sea + truck to final destination point).

    Logistics companies that provide sea forwarding and multimodal transportation combining all kinds of transport, expeditor companies that organize “door-to-door” shipping – we invite You to post Ads about Your services in this section of our exchange.

    Every day we see increase of sea forwarding proposals on directions of high demand on our logistic portal.

    Cargo owners are always interested in diverse choice, and market of international sea forwarding is not an exception. Posting info about Your services You will receive fair and constant cooperation propositions.

  4. Section "Rail transportation". Cargo and transport search.

    Nowadays rail transport is one of the most demanded types of transport among cargo owners due to its availability and development of rail tracks, reliability and affordability. This section contains proposals by logistic companies that organize international cargo shipping via rail transport to Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, CIS and EU. If You need to deliver some cargo to a certain country, and You think about rail transport as most affordable and available, You would easily find executor in this section.

    In subsection "Vehicles for rail transportation" you can find a list of proposals by logistic companies that provide rail shipping in more than 100 countries. You can chose the best variant here, contact company representative, specify all parameters and final price.

    In section "Freight for rail transportation" You as cargo owner post information about certain available cargo that has to be delivered via rail transport inside certain country or abroad. It can be any freight, including bulky, dangerous or perishable cargo – modern rail cars are equipped to deliver cargoes with various specifications. Just indicate cargo weight and volume, shipment date, car type, amount of cars and destination point. It can be a low-tonnage or bulky rail shipping, or general cargoes and additional freight. When Your request appears in cargo list carriers will be able to propose their services among which You would chose the most attractive one.

  5. Section "Air transport service". Cargo and transport proposals.

    Air transport service is the most rapid type of cargo delivery – from small and valuable packages to big cargoes. Air delivery from USA to Europe, CIS and Russia, inside EU and CIS, from Asia and Africa to all countries of the world is one of the most demanded service on the international logistic market. In section “Air transport service” international air delivery operators, logistic and expeditor companies can post their proposals in order to attract more clients. It can be Ads about complex freight delivery “door-to-door”, or air forwarding indicating flight number, route and cargo requirements.

    Cargo owners, on the other hand, have an opportunity to make a quick search of air carriers indicating necessary route, cargo type; or You can post a freight proposal for an air transport service. In the second case You don’t have to search for air transport, You only have to wait for a suitable proposal from logistics companies or air carriers. 24-hour access to our database gives cargo owners opportunities to chose most suitable routes and find the best solutions concerning high quality and affordable price.      

    Opportunities listed above give our visitors and users certain advantages. We mean both sides of transportation process: Air transport service operators and cargo owners that can develop successful and profitable cooperation.

    Air transportation proposals cover more than 80 directions to different countries of the world. We have information being updated every day, demand on air transportation grows, and therefore logistics companies need to respond quickly on potential clients’ requests. 

  6. Section "International delivery of correspondence and parcels".

    Confidential personal delivery of commercial correspondence, letters and parcels  “hand-to-hand”, express delivery of documents. You can find transport proposals in our database, and it would deliver parcel to destination point safe and unharmed. Consists of subsections: “Vehicles”, “Requests/Proposals”.

    International delivery of correspondence and parcels is the same as international cargo transportation, but with its specifics. For example one letter or parcel including documents can cost more than oversize cargo trailer. When You need an urgent delivery of confidential correspondence, special documents, passports etc. You can use state mail service with its mandatory and sometimes long procedures, or You can find private company that provides same services. In such situation it’s easier to use the abilities of our transport exchange where You can find a list of companies or courier services that provide international delivery of correspondence and parcels. This is the fastest, effective and safe way to find deliverer of valuable information or thing.

    Parcel delivery is realized by passenger transport, minivans or together with general cargo. In this case their cost will be cheaper. But some goods need special temperature regime – for such parcels special controlled temperature transport is used. We recommend express delivery services post their Ads on our transport exchange. This portal is created to expand client database, gaining constant flow of orders, international traffic optimization: for urgent delivery of correspondence, documents, small cargoes.

  7. Section "Passenger transportation".

    Many of our compatriots that work in Russia, Central and Western Europe often look for transport, especially when we talk about a group of people. Companies that organize tours around Moldova or abroad, to the sea or just provide transport on demand can find clients posting their Ads here. It consists of subsections “Vehicles” and “Passenger transportation proposals”.

    Passenger transportation services are needed everywhere and anytime. For example, You need to get to Bucharest where You have a scheduled flight to Europe, or need to get to Moscow, but there are no tickets on train or bus, and flight is expensive. Where would You look for one or few private carriers to have a better choice? You can find a list of actual proposals of international passenger transportation on our transport exchange: You can contact carrier, find out the price, make a deal. If You plan a trip alone or with a group of people in advance You can leave request on our site, and a transport owner will contact You and propose his services.

    International passenger transportations – is a type of service where executor should be interested in receiving Your order/request. Transport exchange gives opportunity to find international passenger transportation company yourself or post a request and chose the most suitable proposition. Logistic companies that organize constant international passenger transportation to Russia, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Italy, Germany have an opportunity to post information about their services, pictures of their vehicles, contacts on our logistic portal.

Convenience of Rail transportation section on our logistic site: logistic companies representatives and cargo owners from different countries can propose rail transport and rail freight. Therefore being in any spot of this world You can order freight delivery via rail transport from any country by just posting a proposal in section Rail transportation

Transport exchange geographical coverage.
Abilities of Internet make us forget about physical borders, but we have to keep in mind that our transport exchange services (Ads about available freights and vehicles etc.) – is just an access to information. It is information that helps transport section developing on state and international level. In our case these are first of all: Moldova, Russia, Ukraine, CIS countries, Europe, Romania, Balkans, Turkey, Baltic countries. The advantage of working on transport market between these countries is huge volume of consumer demand and absence of language barriers (Russian and Romanian languages cover most part of this regions). In order to achieve success in European and world markets it is important to find yourself in your native market. Therefore logistic companies and cargo owners from the countries listed above is the target audience of our logistic exchange.