Order jumbo tilt trailer

Order transportation of oversized freight in jumbo trailer 22 t. 105 cub.

Jumbo tilt trailer – capacity 105 cub. Freight weight – up to 22 t., 34 Euro per pallet. Vehicle dimensions: trailer with upper stand for freight, and lower stand for loading.
Dimensions of upper stand: length - 4,4 m, width - 2,45 m, height – 2.7 m.
Dimensions of lower stand floor: length - 9,2 m, width - 2,45 m, height - 3,10 m.

If there’s a need to deliver oversized freight then the best solution is a jumbo trailer platform. This type of transportation has its specifics: special loading equipment (if there’s an oversized freight) without which it would be impossible to put freight inside the trailer and then unload in a destination point; qualified personnel, and precautionary measures on every stage. All additional expenses connected with the transportation of the oversized cargo are set up in advance in order to avoid misunderstandings between all parties: between cargo owners and expeditor or carrier. Contact logistic companies listed on our site to get necessary services concerning transportation by jumbo trailer.

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