Order refrigerator up to 22 t.

Order refrigerator for perishable goods transportation 22 t. 90 cub.

Freight weight 21.5 t. 33 Euro per pallet. Transportation - TIR and СMR.

Ref: semi-trailer: Length 13.65 m, width 2.45 m, height 2.6 m, 86 cub.
Ref: articulated lorry: vehicle length 8.10 m, width 2.45 m, height 2.6 m, volume 51.5 cub.
Trailer dimensions – with refrigeration unit: Length 7,50 m, width 2.45 m, height 2.6 m, volume 47 cub.
Freight volume in articulated lorry 100 cub.

Refrigerator transportation is a kind of service that needs specially equipped transport and personnel. Because refrigerators are used to transport perishable foods and medicines – vital products, we recommend to get in touch only with the professionals of the transportation market.

In this type of transportation even small things are important: proper loading and placing of products in refrigerator, set temperature and allowable fluctuations for every product category, good ventilation, reliable refrigeration units.

Only professional logistic company can organize qualified transportation of any kind of goods – flowers, foods: meat, fish, vegetables and fruits, canned food etc.

Remember that not every market participant can organize this kind of service. Do not risk with Your freight looking for a cheap transportation price. Chose carrier an experienced carrier in section “Vehicles”.


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