Order trailer 22t. 120 cub

Order articulated lorry transportation up to 22 t., capacity – 120 cub.

Freight weight from 200kg. to 22,5 t. 34 Euro per pallet.

Vehicle measures: 110 cub. Vehicle Length 7.5m,  2.43 m, height 3m - 54.6 cub.
Trailer: length 7.50 m, width 2.43 m, height 3m - 54.6 cub.
Vehicle measures: 120 cub., length 8.10 m, width 2.43 m, height  3.05 m – 60 cub.
Trailer: length 8.10 m, width 2.43 m, height 3.05 m – 60 cub.

Vehicles: articulated lorry and trailer of any type, any capacity for light and bulk cargoes and goods. Logistic companies propose articulated lorries with trailer. You can order combined transportation service “door-to-door”. Tilt articulated lorry is very convenient for loading – unloading operations, transportation of different freights – it is a good combination of price and quality. Logistic companies’ employees have to provide all preparatory works before sending freight, prepare accompanying documents, make an agreement on a route and control transportation process until freight is delivered. Tilt articulated lorry with trailer would fit You if You have a small consignment – You will pay only for the occupied space when it is being transported with general cargo.

Chose experienced logistic company in section Vehicles. 

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