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Узнать стоимость грузоперевозки по стране.

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Внутренние перевозки по странам:
Country Cargos Transport
AM 1 7
AT 3 2
AZ 0 5
BY 24 331
BE 1 0
BG 1 2
EE 1 10
FI 0 8
FR 1 1
GE 0 9
DE 6 20
IR 0 1
IL 4 3
IT 3 6
KZ 9 409
KG 0 40
LV 1 4
LT 1 0
MG 1 0
MD 59 260
MN 2 0
NO 1 0
PL 4 12
RO 1 17
RU 95 1432
SK 2 0
ES 0 8
TJ 1 0
TR 0 4
TM 0 3
UA 89 663
GB 2 1
US 0 2
UZ 1 34

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Типы транспорта для заказа грузоперевозок
Order tilt trailer 22t. 90 cub.

Order tilt trailer 22t. 90 cub. Tilt, semi-trailer, multi-purpose 22 t. 90 cub. Cargo transportation – all freight types in tilt trailers. Freight weight 22 t. 33 Euro pallet. Trailer dimension...

Order refrigerator up to 22 t.

Order refrigerator for perishable goods transportation 22 t. 90 cub. Freight weight 21.5 t. 33 Euro per pallet. Transportation - TIR and СMR. Ref: semi-trailer: Length 13.65 m, width 2.45 m, h...

Order trailer 22t. 120 cub

Order articulated lorry transportation up to 22 t., capacity – 120 cub. Freight weight from 200kg. to 22,5 t. 34 Euro per pallet. Vehicle measures: 110 cub. Vehicle Length 7.5m,  2.43 m, he...

Order general cargo transportation

Order vehicles to transport general cargoes, partial freights, freights of small volume and weights. All types of vehicles are used for this purpose, including small trucks, vans and mini-buses. It...

Order mega trailer tautliner

Order transportation in mega trailer, semi - trailer 22 t. 105 cub. Weight up to 22 t. 34 Euro per pallet. Vehicle dimensions: Eurostandard – height 3,10 m, width 2.45 m, length 13.65 m. Traile...

Order jumbo tilt trailer

Order transportation of oversized freight in jumbo trailer 22 t. 105 cub. Jumbo tilt trailer – capacity 105 cub. Freight weight – up to 22 t., 34 Euro per pallet. Vehicle dimensions: trailer with u...

Passenger cars transportation

Transportation of passenger cars, outlanders and vans by trailers from Europe and CIS. Transport dimensions: transportation up to 6 or 9 passenger cars. Passenger car transportation from Europe:...

Order oversized trawl

Transportation of oversized freight by trailers and platforms. Oversized freights delivery from Europe, Russia and CIS. Freight weight: Oversized freight transportation up to 32 t. Freight is co...

Order sea shipping

Sea forwarding, sea shipping, containers, trucking 20 ft., 40 ft. Freight weight – up to 22 t. (without overload) Container trucking – the most quick, safe and cheap kind of transportation of ca...

Order metal body truck up to 100 cub

  Transportation by metal body truck, controlled temperature vehicles, general cargo transportation and standard shipping up to 100 cub., 21 t. Controlled temperature truck 90-105 cub. Met...

ADR cargo transportation

  Transportation of dangerous ADR cargoes, dangerous freights delivery. Weight from 100 kg. to 20 t. Volume from 20 cub. to 105 cub. Tilt trailers, refrigerators and small trucks suit t...

Order airfreight

Airfreight. Air service. Air transportation of freights, parcels, small freights. Urgent air transportation. Airfreight from 0,5 kg. to 20 t. Airfreight of oversized cargoes and other air cargoes. ...

Order parcel transportation

Transportation of parcels and small cargoes separately and along with general cargoes from Italy, Germany, Poland, Turkey, Russia and China. This service is connected with urgency and quick deliver...

Order vehicle carrier up to 30 t.

Order vehicle carrier for the truck, vehicle carrier for tractor. Evacuation of trucks, special vehicles, buses with common weight from 20 to 30 t. When loaded vehicle moves through the hard are...

Order vehicle carrier up to 3 t.

Order vehicle carrier for passenger cars, vehicle carriers for passenger cars and mini-vans. Carrying capacity from 1 to 5-6 t. 24-hour evacuation is considered to be urgent and operational kind...

Transportation by trucks up to 5 t.

Shipping small freights and general cargoes, parcel partial freights transportation from Europe, Poland, Russia, Kazakhstan, Baltic countries and Moldova. Low-tonnage trucks are used for short and ...

Long vehicle trucking

Trucking by long vehicles. Body length – from 6 to 13-14 m, width 2,20 -2,45 m. Capacity – from 30 to 80-120 cub. Carrying capacity – from 2 to 20 t. Long vehicle trucking service with an open b...

Order rail cars

  Railway transportation by railcars, rent railcar. Function of railcars: international transportation of special, oversized and flammable freights by rail transport. Transportation of liqu...

Order passenger transportation

Order passenger transportation from Europe, CIS, Romania, Bulgaria etc. Big comfortable buses on 50, 80, 100 seats, VIP-seats, Wi-Fi, TV, fridge, mini-bar, welcoming personnel, good service. Bus t...

Order grain carrier

Transportation of grains and cereals via grain carriers from 20 to 50 м3, via tippers and flatbed semitrailers up to 80 м3, and by tanks. Dimensions of grain carrier: tippers and flatbed semitraile...

Order railway transportation of containers

Railway transportation directions: Russia, CIS, Eastern Europe, Siberia, Ural, Asia, from China, Mongolia. Shipping from CIS to Europe and Asia. All type of railcars (intrastate transportations in CIS...

Tank transportations

Transportation of liquid goods in food and chemical purpose tanks – thermoses. Particular kind of transportations is shipping liquids by tanks. Transportation of liquids has special requirem...

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